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We provide Local Indonesian D24 Durian with export quality

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Our best products are Durian Paste & Local Indonesian D24 Durian

Durian Paste

Frozen Durian

Local Indonesian D24 Durian

Level of sweetness 30-35 brix

About Us

ARD Durian was established in Medan on 2010. At first, ARD Durian only served the local market. Slow but sure, ARD Durian serves durian shipment almost through the Indonesia. ARD Durian has successfully explored various types of durian in the Indonesia especially typical variety of Sumatra Island.

Why Us?

There are some reasons why you should choose us to provide durian for export

High Quality

Fast Shipment



Export Capability

Capable to supply durian in large scale


Already sent to various country like Malaysia, China & Hongkong.